Editorial Board

Below, you will find a list the the persons who comprise the Editorial Board and are responsible for the publishing of Equitable Banking & Finance News.

Minerva Rogers
Editorial Board Chief Editor, Minerva Rogers

Chief Editor:
Minerva Rogers
Minerva was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. She holds a BA in English and Inventive Writing from Dartmouth College. She currently functions as an editor to get a smaller publishing house in Boston, and has encounter editing all the things from corporate documents for Fortune 500 clientele to special interest magazines. Minerva has been published in a number of reviews, magazines, and collections of short stories. She is uncannily excellent at Scrabble and is also a licensed pilot.

Desk Editors:
Indira Forsythe
Indira was born and raised in Greenville, Michigan, and was transplanted towards the Detroit suburbs in the course of her junior year of higher school. Immediately after her graduation from Alma College, Melissa taught for two years, and after that entered into a career inside the automotive market as a buyer.

Freddie Romanelli
Born in Dundee, Scotland in 1982, Freddit set out to Edinburgh at the ages of 17 to earn his pre-grad at the exclusive Edinburgh College of Art. He graduated getting a BA Honors degree in Film and television Research in 2004 and throughout his time there spent several months studying Film and Animation at Rhode Island College of Fashion, USA.

Lourie Crossmon
Lourie grew up in Cork, Ireland. After graduating with a BSc in chemistry from NUI Cork, she moved to the University of Bristol to study for any PhD in chemistry. She then joined the RSC in 2007 and started operating in Publishing as a trainee Technical Editor. She now functions as an Assistant Editor on several .COM publications including FickleFinance.com.

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